how to quiet a noisy air conditioner

How To Quiet a Noisy Air Conditioner Driving You Mad

Are you working from home and listening to the brain-numbing noises of the HVAC noise and hard on the years? Dealing with a loud AC even when you sleep at night is frustrating as you keep detecting it, even with earplugs. Compared to working in an office, you do not have the luxury of a repair guy to complain about it.

Neither is there a place to escape during the day from the distracting conditioning. So before you get a meltdown, take control of your situation to find out how to quiet a noisy air conditioner driving you crazy. The first thing to do is determine what is causing the sound and if it requires services to make it efficient again with the following steps.

Determining the Problem

When you want to stop your air conditioner’s noise, underlying issues are causing the racket and leaves it working without efficiency. It helps if you troubleshoot everything to find a solution. The best is to pay attention to what could be causing the annoying sound. Listen to where it might be arising from, as you might hear the problem, and use the tips on the list to fix the problem.

AC Running Constantly

If the unit has a typical sound but does not switch off or cycles on/off continuously, several things can be of concern.

  • When the unit runs continually, it adds to wasted energy on your utility bills.
  • With constant running, it puts strain on parts and not only your sanity. Eventually, it leads to wear and tear, resulting in parts not working as they should.
  • According to AC Heating and Refrigeration, your rowdy unit shows you that something soon will go wrong and lead to breakage.

Possible Causes:

  • The coils need cleaning from dust.
  • There might be clogged air filters that can decrease the sound if cleaned.
  • The controls on the unit are faulty.
  • There might be a fan speed problem on the blower motor.
  • The evaporator call is frozen.
  • The ducts have holes in them.

Is your unit blowing warm air while running continually? Then the coils are frozen, and the best is to switch off the system and schedule a professional to have it repaired. Or you may end up with more damage.

How To Make Air Conditioners Quieter When the Volume is Cranked to the Max

Has your AC always been noisier and perhaps chosen the wrong model? Lower-costs units lack the latest noise-reducing technology found in models such as the Haier. Alternatively, the machine might not be the correct size for your workspace. If you do decide to bring in an AC contractor to evaluate the design of the system, consider some of these changes and talk to them about them:

  • Place the machine away from where you work, making it flexible to use without making it a racket.
  • Try to create a buffer zone when you install it between your equipment and the space you need to be peaceful.
  • If change is needed in an office, place all your mechanical device rooms near roads or other loud areas away from the building.
  • Make sure the ductwork design allows the air to travel by an even flow of air supply.
  • Try to make use of conduit air returns and not air louvers. The louver produces more air movement from one room to another, also carrying the noise with it.

How To Quiet Your AC Unit when making a Whistling Whining Sound

Have you ever listened to your HVAC making a ghostly noise originating from everywhere? It is pretty terrifying don’t you agree!. Furthermore, it distracts you when working, on your phone. or having a conversation. Luckily it is nothing unnatural and more to do with the airflow and air pressure. Some causes you can read here are:

  • The leaky pipe that you can replace or fix
  • The fans speed
  • Not enough ventilation
  • A dirty filter with debris

To fix the problem, you will need to put on your detective hat, but with some simple measures, you can accomplish it. The duct may need some repairing, or the fan’s motor needs adjusting. The essential thing is to correct and control the airflow, and only a qualified HVAC specialist can do this for you.

Your AC is Doing the Shimmy Shake

If it is shaking and rattling, it helps to listen to where the sounds are coming from. Maybe the vents or returns are placed in another room. Perhaps it originates from the system itself. If you find it’s the AC, the cause could be worn-out bearings in the fan motor. You can even find that the cooler blades are damaged.

In addition, the condenser could need stabilization on the surface. Never try to fix this by yourself as it comes with high electrical voltage components. Furthermore, it also has a hazardous refrigerant inside found in most older AC models. Instead, let an expert handle the problem for you to get it functioning again.

Lastly, disconnected ducting can also cause a problem or an object around the ducts. With an investigation, you can fix the loud air conditioner problem.

Fixing Your Squealing AC

Nothing is more irritating than a squealing unit, and the likeliness is it has not had a service in a long time. The obnoxious sound drives people crazy. The possibility is it needs some maintenance.

On the inside of the machine is a belt driving the blower. The belt could have developed some problems. Sometimes the belt slips or comes loose. Other times it could be worn and needs replacing. With a preventative inspection, you can have the problem fixed before it develops more annoying sounds.

Another preventable thing is that the motor shaft bearings need some oil and are done with seasonal maintenance. As with any other device, it has moving parts, and with some oiling, it works quietly and efficiently.

Other Solutions to Fix a Banging HVAC System

Sometimes it needs some modifications and helps to place some barrier fencing on all sides if the location is outside the AC as it helps reduce the noise. Additionally, it helps to do some experimenting first with different mounts. You can use some plywood around it to see how much of the wall you need.

If you plan to build one, make sure it is at least three feet away from the air conditioner to allow for airflow. By overlapping the fence boards, it provides the best noise reduction. Here are some other approaches that you can consider:

If the AC is old, then we recommend investing in a new air conditioner you can find available here. Installing a newer type should solve the problem. The more recent designs are quieter, and they save you money to cut down on your cooling bills.

However, if you have a new product installed, the noise may come from the unit’s compressor. First, check if it is under warranty and contact the provider to have it checked out. Alternatively, you can ask them for a sound blanket for closing the model up. Or you can buy a universal one instead to keep it covered.

The installation is a breeze, but we do not recommend using one if the condenser is old, as you’ll keep hearing it getting louder.


When at work or home, all you need is to enjoy the peace and not a boisterous AC driving you mad. Frequently have regular preservation inspections done. This helps prevent the machine from breaking and provides it with the best performance. Poor maintenance can run into thousands, and not having the funds to restore it leaves you frustrated. With some care and, the above tips on quieting a noisy air conditioner help you find and learn the cause of the problem. When repaired, it gives you the tranquility you need when working or relaxing; if you cannot do the repairs yourself, it is best to call in a technician to help.

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