how to fix squeaky shoes

Simple Ways to Fix Squeaky Shoes

You are walking in the office, and suddenly your shoes begin squealing, or it happens walking in public. You stop and slowly start to tip-toe, but it does not help. We know how you feel as it is not only embarrassing but makes you feel self-conscious. Every time you walk, the more your shoe makes a noise. So how do you fix squeaky shoes? Luckily we have some tricks up our sleeve to help.

Squeaky Shoes Fix

First, determine the source of the problem to hear where it’s squeaking, even if you need to get someone to place their head close to the floor—doing this helps isolate what part of the footwears’ making the sound. You can rock your foot back and forth, left to right, according to WikiHow.

Once you know what part is squeaking, you can do some of the following:

Moisture Causing the Problem

Maybe you walked through puddles in the rain, and it got wet. Noisy moisture may be the cause, and it can be annoying as two parts of the footwear might be scraping together. You can use baby powder, baking powder, or cornstarch sprinkled in the area to solve it. The talc absorbs the condensation to reduce the noise.

How to Get Shoes to Stop Squeaking on the Inside?

If the inside squeals and you have detachable insoles, you can take it out and sprinkle some talc along the seam. However, if they are non-removable, you need to work in the talc around the edges into the base. If you find the shoe tongue causes friction, place some powder under the shoelaces.

how to fix squeaky shoes

Yet if the base is the cause of your problem, massages some powder into the seam as you find air bubbles the biggest culprit of the dilemma. Another helpful thing is to dehydrate them by adding fabric softener to a sponge or cloth and tossing them with your footwear into the dryer to remove rainwater. But do not leave it in the machine too long to prevent it from getting heat damage and shrinking.

Alternatively, you can use some leather conditioner or special sued oil to buff them with a cloth. Or use your trusty old petroleum jelly or a lotion under the insole to limit the parts from rubbing against each other. Yet, if you plan to replace the insole with a new one adding a dryer sheet under it, creating a buffer to stop the sound.

how to fix squeaky shoes

Why Do My Sneakers Squeak?

Sometimes suede, leather, or any new kicks tend to be noisy, creating loads of embarrassment until you wear them in. If you find this is the case, you can speed up the process using some sandpaper. Gently do some sanding with the paper down the bottom of your cleat to soften them.

Alternatively, you can use WD-40 but apply it sparingly, according to Use a cotton swab and spray the lubricant onto it or use a cotton ball. Take it and spread it on the outer seam of the entire edge.

how to fix squeaky shoes

Check out this video for handy tips on how to do it:

How to Fix a Squeaky Shoe Heel

Similar to a new pair of shoes, the cause could result from a manufacturing defect. Luckily, you can still return it! However, you can fix it yourself if it is past the return date. If the noise is due to a loose heel or the trainer came unglued, a tube of silicone caulk or any other shoe glue can help to reattach it.

However, squirt it carefully into the hole and leave it to dry with some rubber bands to keep it in place. Moreover, if the loafer has undergone some wear and tear, you need to think about getting rid of them. If they are spanking new, take them to a cobbler to have them repaired.

Shoelaces Causing a Squeaky Sound

You find this happening with leather hightops as the laces rub against the tongue and begin crying with every step taken. Use some saddle soap on the tongue to keep it moisturized.

Final Thoughts

No matter what is causing the squeak in your shoes, an effective way to fix it is using the above methods. However, if you find you cannot find a solution, head over to a shoemaker to repair it to last a couple of years longer.

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