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Fix Squeaky Office Chair: How To Get Rid Of The Annoyance

You need a quick fix for your squeaky office chair and swinging is something that brings you the most pleasure while you are brain dead at work? That pretty much describes the majority of office workers nowadays, really.

However, swinging has a downside because it frequently causes the chair’s nuts and bolts to loosen, resulting in that pesky squeaky sounds. So, if you hear squeaky noises when sitting back in your office chair, instead of hunting for a mouse, you should check for ways to fix your squeaky office chair.

So, here we go:

How to Fix a Squeaky Office Chair?

Source of the Noise

Find and assess the problem carefully before proceeding with the solution. Each office chair is made of  many different parts joined together. Throughout the chair’s lifetime, many of these parts, specifically those right under the seat, will get trough quite a lot of wear by absorbing significant weight and pressure.

Get Your Toolbox and Supplies

Once you’ve found where the noise is coming from, you may adjust the chair to the most comfortable place for you to work on it. Since the problem is most likely in the legs or wheels, we recommend flipping the chair upside down.

To do so, you will need a toolbox, a screwdriver, a steel hammer or a rubber mallet and some nails.  Make sure to get yourself the proper equipment to fix your squeaking office chair, like the office chair repair kit for example.

fix squeaky office chair

Fix Bolts and Screws

fix squeaky office chair

You most likely didn’t assemble your office chair, which may be a good thing if you are not mechanically savvy.

When inspecting your chair for loose screws and bolts, it is preferable to do it with the chair upside down. The simplest method to accomplish this is to stack catalogs or books up to the height of your seat while it is upside down. Flip your chair over and set the seat on the stack. The check for any loose or broken parts.

Lubricate the Moving Parts to Fix a Squeaky Office Chair

If you have a gaming chair, we highly recommend applying WD-40 as a rust prevention solution. Also, you shouldn’t oil any nuts, bolts, nails, or screws before driving them into the wood. If you detached them to clean the rust, make sure they are completely dry before reinstalling them.

It will go a long way toward keeping the metal from rusting again.

fix squeaky office chairApply Some Glue

When it comes to attaching the parts of a chair, wood glue is far more effective. You have to first determine the cause of the issue before applying the glue. Allow it to harden before sitting back in the chair.

Use a Wood Swelling-Liquid

It’s often a better choice than using an adhesive. The squeaking might potentially be due to loosened legs caused by dowel shrinking.

Remove the damaged parts to gain access to the dowels. Douse them in the Wood-Swelling Liquid and reconnect them back to the legs.

fix squeaky office chairFix the Springs

As we mentioned above, the problem might be the chair’s springs. Instead of lubricating it, you may repair it with Teflon Thread Seal Tape.

When you lay back in your chair, a spring may pop. You will need to eliminate the nails or bolts using a nail remover and a screwdriver to gain access to the springs.

fix squeaky office chairDo A Quick Wheel Check

There are several types of wheels you can find on a office chair, but basic wheels are put into the chair’s body through a metal post attached to the top of the wheel. Those metal supports can wear down and become loose over time, and the wheel axles might experience squeak-inducing friction.

fix squeaky office chair

So, turn your chair over and try to get the wheels off. If possible, place them on paper towels and spray them up with silicone spray. Spray the metal posts as well, being careful to spray only within the post casing.

How to Stop Desk Chair from Squeaking?

Grease All the Mechanisms

After that, you may apply lubricating oil to help relax the chair’s joints. It should lubricate any pieces that may be rubbing together.

Most lubricating oils will do the job, but you may also seek advice from a department store specialist.

Even if this doesn’t resolve the issue, it will help maintain your chair in good condition in the long run.

Remove Screws Before Lubricating

Often, greasing the chair will resolve the issue. There are two approaches to grease a chair. To begin, you may attempt to do so without first removing the screws. Some squeaks can be effectively silenced with this method.

If you want to get to the bottom of the problem, you can also remove the screws and grease the chair. By removing the screws, the lubricant could reach regions that it would not have access otherwise.

Check the Back of Your Chair

If you notice that your chair squeaks only when you lean back, you will need to track out the root of the issue. However, it’s usually due to the seat tension spring, which is found at the back of the chair.

The lubricant should be applied to the seat tension spring. This spring is placed within your chair’s turn-knob housing.

Fix Squeaky Office Chair by Inspecting the Wheels

If none of these approaches above work, there is a good chance the wheels are the source of your problem. Since the chair’s wheels get used so much, it’s not unusual for them to start squeaking after a while.

To stop the chair’s  squeaking and resolve this issue, you will have to add lubrication to the wheels. You will need to lie the chair on its back to do this. You may add the lubricant to each wheel once it’s on its back. Make sure that the oil covers the whole wheel so the lubrication will have a full effect.

Final Words

After you have fixed your squeaky office chair, there are some precautions you can take to avoid getting to do it all over again frequently. It all essentially boils down to just being cautious and taking care of your furniture.

Avoid jumping into your chair, and try not to lean back on only two legs if possible. This type of usage can significantly loosen all of a chair’s joints and moving parts.

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