how to fix a squeaky box spring

How To Fix a Squeaky Box Spring (Answered)

There is an old saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” The same applies to the bedroom. But no matter what you do, maintaining silence is difficult when your bed screeches out every move you make. It worsens when you live in an apartment. You wonder what the neighbors think about your squeaky box spring. There is good news: you don’t need to replace it with a new one. Here, we will show you how to fix a squeaky box spring to stop the gossiping next door.

Why is My Bed Making a Noise

Sleeping on a cardboard box (spring) can lead to atrocious noise, creaking, and squeaking, the most common problem. Sometimes you may think it is coming from the bed frame and the springs. But there are reasons as well, so before you head out and buy a new bed, check these possible causes first.

The mattress – innerspring mattresses with metal coils eventually start to sag. The more pressure you place on it, the springs start wearing out rubbing against each other. Here are some high-quality mattresses for you to check out.

how to fix a squeaky box spring

The base – in your box spring, you have boarded panels and coils typically causing the racket. These parts deteriorate with time as the metal parts rub against each other. However, this does not mean these internal parts cause the sound. Sometimes when you get on the bed, your mattress starts pressing on top of the wood casing as well. If the casing rubs against the slat or even the metal frame. You can add some padding or use a lubricant between the surfaces to help reduce friction. Using some WD-40 helps.

Bed frame – your squeaky noise can also come from the framework as it makes contact with the wall or tiles. Eventually, the bolts loosen, making it unsteady while the temperature can shift the bolts or the frame as the wood shrinks or swells with the heat and cold. You may even find the legs or wheels grinding along the carpet.

How to fix a squeaky box spring?

Once you determine the cause of the problem and found that your base is the culprit, you can do the following:

Sagging Coils and Springs

You can do the following temporary fixes to the box spring or your mattress by reinforcing them:

Rotate your mattress

  1. Start by placing the mattress on the ground and push it to different locations.
  2. If there is a weak spot, the possibility is that the noise is coming from your sagging springs.
  3. Turn it 180 degrees to make the head the foot or vice versa and place it back on the bed.

Add some plywood

Get some wood and measure it to match the mattress’s dimension or box spring, and cut. Check out these excellent Birch Plywood available here.

Take one of the sheets and place it on the bed frame between the box spring and mattress as support to stop the sagging causing all the racket.

Fixing Deteriorating Coils

If the box spring is noisy from the internal springs deteriorating, it needs some lubricant to solve the problem. You will need some WD-40 or can use cooking oil, a knife/box cutter, and a needle with sewing thread.

  1. Start by making a small hole through the felt cover of the box spring with a box cutter to expose the internal springs.
  2. Use the cooking oil or WD-40 and spray it along the inside and overall the coils and springs to make them slippery, removing the metal tension.
  3. Take your needle with durable thread and close the hole up.

Friction Causing a Noise Between the Bed Frame and Box Spring

If this is the case as the box spring rubs against the frame, you need to reduce the friction doing the following:

  • Locate where the location of the problem is and use some old fabric such as t-shirts to pad it by evenly distributing the fabric inside the frame.
  • Do the same between your box spring and mattress to serve as a buffer to diminish the points of friction.
  • Take a hardcover book and place it at the exact spot underneath to alter the weight distribution.

Fix the Gap Between the Wooden Bed Frame and Box Spring

Suppose there is a gap causing the disturbing noise it needs filling up using a cork roll. Look for any space where you can see the box spring rubs against the frame. Take the cork roll and cut it into sheets and use it to cover the area you see. As you place it, the cork tightens up any loose spots to decrease tension solving your problem. For some excellent cork, sealant check this one out.

Use Wax For Lubricating the Wooden Frame

You will need some candle was, paraffin blocks and a knife.

  1. Start by warming up the block of paraffin and leave it standing at room temperature.
  2. Now take your knife and cut a piece off, shaping it like a sponge.
  3. Now rub it across the areas causing the problem, or as an alternative to using paraffin wax, you can use a candle and do the same.

Are Bolts of the Metal Frame Making a Squeaky Sound

If the corners of your box springs grind against the bed frame’s metal, all it needs is to grease the connectors. Spray some WD-40 to the joint and bolts to lubricate and use it on all the frame corners to make it smooth. If you find some weak or loose joints in the process, you will need some bolts/screws, screwdrivers, wrench, and washers.

  • Determine what type of fasteners are around the bed frame to ensure you have the right parts. The structure typically comprises screws or bolts.
  • Take the wrench if it has bolts or your screwdriver for screws to tighten them up. If you find the squeak is still there, then add some washers between the frame and bolts.
  • Once done, oil each of the joints with your WD-40 or using cooking oil.

Uneven Bed Legs

Is your squeaky caused by uneven bed posts touching the ground, causing a wobble? All you need to do is to level the posts. Furniture pads work well on the floor with rubber leg covers. Place it under the uneven leg to prevent it from touching the ground. First, place the furniture pads and use the rubber leg covers on each leg.

how to fix a squeaky box spring Fixing the Box Spring Wheels

When the wheels under your bed rub against the ground, it can cause a squeaky box spring sound. To solve the problem, you need caster cups with locking casters. Start by placing the caster cup under each of the wheels to limit it from moving around. If the bed has locking wheels, you need to flip the lever of each wheel to lock it, disabling them from moving around. However, if it does not have locking wheels, you can always install a set.

how to fix a squeaky box spring

When Should You Replace Your Box Spring

A box spring can last up to a decade before it starts showing tell-tale signs of deteriorating. There is no need to replace it when you need a new mattress. The only time you need to do this is if it has the following defects on visual inspection:

  • it squeaks
  • it has a bent steel grid
  • sagging
  • broken slats
  • the coil springs are over ten years old

Final Thoughts

We hope the instructions on how to fix a squeaky box spring helps to remove the annoying racket it makes to enjoy a peaceful sleep. A fact is that your box spring still comes from old technology, and when the time comes for a replacement, you can invest in a platform bed. With it, you get ample airflow to the mattress and help lessen heat buildup. With these fixes, you can get ready to enjoy a peaceful sleep without disturbing the neighbors.

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