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Do Soundproof Curtains Really Work? Wich one is better

Do you have problems with outside noise infiltrating your home? Then the easiest and inexpensive solution is to use soundproof curtains to absorb commotion from entering your house. Some companies market it as noise-reducing drapes. Other companies use the word soundproofed when selling them, promising you relaxation. But do they work?

The truth is the best way to create a quiet place is by modifying the infrastructure of your room. It’s called the room within room technique to make it 100% noiseless. However, sound barrier curtains present you with value for your living space. While it may not be entirely silent, it does deaden sound to some extent and blocks out light, making it comfortable to rest.

Find out everything about soundproof room dividers here and choose some of the best soundproof curtains to use in your home to make it quieter.

How do Soundproof Door Curtains Work?

Compared to standard drapes, there are some notable differences:

  • The drapery is more oversized, with a drop length reaching the floor when you hang them. In contrast, the width is wider than the window. It covers the area around the windows where sounds are likely to get in, making a significant difference.
  • The drapes are heavier and dense, with more absorption of noise and daylight.
  • The decoration is broad, with deep pleating to help dampen sound. The deep creases break the sound waves absorbing the energy to reflect where it came from.

While this is how these shades work, it does come with other advantages as well. Using a blackout curtain helps limit light from invading your place. In turn, this allows you to sleep when you work shifts.

Furthermore, it provides outstanding insulation in the winter, saving you cash on your heating system. While it keeps your bedroom warm in winter, it can stop the sun in summer to keep it cool—so no need to use that air conditioner, leaving you with lower electricity bills.

How Do You Choose The Best Soundproofing Curtains?

The fact is that not all drape types you find are created equally, so to help you find a perfect one, here is what you can look at:

The Size

Before you buy any curtain, you need to know the measurement of the window. But when investing in thermal cloth, the bigger, the better. Look to make sure it provides you with maximum coverage and a foot longer than the windowpane. Lastly, make sure they are wider than the frame as well.

Check The Mass

You do this by checking the weight, and the denser the textile, the more impenetrable it is to stop sound. With thicker materials, you will find less glare entering through, so it serves as a barrier for outside noise and daylight at the same time.

Check Your Rails

Investing in soundproof curtains for hanging in your apartment is enormous and might exceed the density of your existing curtain rails. So it’s best to ensure that the rails can hold the load.

The Fabric

As the size varies, the material used to make it differs as well. If you want the best soundproof door curtain, look for velvet, suede, or polyester as it comprises added fiber. Investing in thermal lined drapes, you can consider thermic weave as well.

Look At The Lining

Lastly, if the drape has several folds, the more weight and thickness it absorbs the sound.

The truth is that soundproof curtains are an investment providing you with luxury while shutting out the noise, making it ideal if you work shifts. Even older people can benefit from using them, and it works well if you have a newborn baby.

Who Can Benefit Using Sound Deadening Curtains?

A fact is that these drapes are not made for everyone, and if you want to soundproof your dormitory completely, you’ll be unhappy with the results. As mentioned, it takes a lot more to make your place noiseless such as in a recording studio. These products will work if:

  • You live in busy areas to prevent the racket from heavy construction, pedestrians, and cars.
  • Do you live near the freeway, then a lockout curtain can help a little?
  • Do you live near a construction area? Using soundproof room dividers can help.

Soundproof curtains can work effectively but will not give you complete isolation, and consider installing soundproof windows with your curtains. So what are the top soundproof curtains to buy? Check out the top 3 acoustic curtains available from Amazon today.

Best Soundproof Curtains For You to Buy

#1 NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain

soundproof curtains For an elegantly designed drape available in some bright colors to fit in with your home decor, we offer you this one from NICETOWN. The cloth is polyester with a block-out panel and measures 42-inches wide by 84-inch long. The drapery has a gorgeous creation with silver eyelets to fit a rod of preference up to 1.6″ in diameter.

All you need to do is slide them on the rail, offering you the ease of use. In addition to the simple use, the textile is smooth and heavy-duty woven with a three-lining structure. The middle layer comprises a black yard creating the panel and serves as a barrier against the sun. You get a multi-functional purpose to prevent harmful UV rays, making it energy-efficient while reducing noise.


  • Color: 14 Shades available
  • Construction: Three layers
  • Ease of Use: Fitted with silver grommets and machine washable
  • Material: Polyester Blend
  • Measures: 42″ (W) x 84″ (L)
  • Pattern: Solid


  • Quality material with a durable fabrication
  • Value for cash
  • Great sound blocking
  • Works well as soundproof room dividers


Some commotion still comes through

Final Thoughts

While the NICETOWN are not fully blackout drapes, they are effective in lessening the commotion from outside. The price is affordable and highly recommended by many customers who bought it online.


#2 BONZER Room Divider Curtain

soundproof curtains If you are looking for privacy in an apartment to separate your chamber from your kitchen and keep light and sound out, then you will be more than pleased with the room divider from Bonzer. It measures nine feet wide by seven-foot-tall and comprises a dark grey one-panel fabrication.

Not only do you get it in a grayish pattern, but you can also pick from a wide selection of shades to fit in with your lifestyle. The material is polyester, and you get one panel with 14 elegant metal eyelets. It fits well with your standard or decorative rods. You must agree this makes the installation a breeze as you only need to slide them on.


  • Color: Different shade available
  • Construction: Three linings
  • Ease of Use: Fitted with metal eyelets and machine launderable
  • Material: Polyester Blend
  • Measures: 108″ (W) x 84″ (L)
  • Pattern: Solid


  • Wrinkle-free
  • First-class sheerness
  • It does not cost a fortune.
  • Gives you privacy


Advertising is a bit misleading, and best to know that the rod is not included.

Final Thoughts

Create some privacy in an open-plan apartment using these soundproof room divider curtains. The price is affordable, and it will also help as a barrier against sunlight.


#3 RYB HOME Divider Curtains

soundproof curtains For a quality drape to equip you with sound isolation and blocking light, these from RYB Home provide you with just that. The drape has a felt lining and is made with blackout cloth. You get three panels comprising two layers with a 104″ width, while the other lining in the front is available in any hue of your choice.

The felt layer you can detach if not needed does help with absorbing the annoying yelling in your surroundings. You can use them to balance the room temperature with the insulation against the heat in summer and cold in winter. So you will be saving loads of expenses on your power bill.


  • Color: Wide selection of shades
  • Construction: Felt liner with fadeout cloth against the daylight
  • Ease of Use: Fitted with metal eyelets, launderable, and the felt liner, you can remove
  • Measures: Different sizes available
  • Pattern: Solid


  • Thick textile
  • Provides energy efficiency
  • You get sheerness with style.
  • Money well spent


It does not serve as an excellent sound barrier

Final Thoughts

Whether you want peace or quiet after working the night shift or recording, these sheets can help. Not only do they help revert noise, but they also look stylish and obstruct daylight.


Final Word

We hope that the information provided gives you more insight into using soundproof door curtains to use in your home. The critical thing to remember is that even if these are the best soundproof curtains, they will not block out the racket entirely but only to some extent. To make your room fully soundproof, it costs thousands. Investing in a blackout or acoustic curtains can help to some extent with sound leakage to stop you from hearing traffic from the road.


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