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5 Best Quiet Treadmills for At-Home Runs

Are you finding it difficult to get a good cardio workout at home? Do you live in an apartment or complex? Then we know what you are going through. We agree doing strength exercises is not noisy. However, jumping up and down or running on a treadmill makes a noise.

So how do you stay fit without waking the household or the neighbors? You can browse through our comprehensive list of the quietest treadmills available on the market today. We have five quiet treadmills for apartment to home use for you to look at here.

Furthermore, please read the section after the review if you want to find out how to silence a treadmill.

Best Quiet Treadmill for Apartments and Home

When searching for a silent home treadmill, we came across different machines that fit into the category. However, browsing through feedback from customers, we found specific brands popping up. We found that the following five products reviewed here make a relatively silent treadmill. So let’s get on with our review.

#1 Best Super Slim Mini Quiet Treadmill

RHYTHM FUN Treadmill

quiet treadmill The Rhythm Fun is a two-in-one folding treadmill you will find convenient to use from the home, office, or the gym. Are you concerned about training or running in winter at night or exercising in your apartment? There is no need to worry, as you can get good workouts using this machine with its ultra-thin design and quieter than most other equipment on the list.

It comes with an excellent structure to use underneath the table for walking. You can use it as commercial training equipment with a foldable handrail. It is one of the best quiet treadmills highly recommended by different clients.

You get wireless speakers to enjoy listening to music working out, and it has a wireless remote. One thing is sure you will not wake up the neighbors at five in the morning, and it looks pretty standing anywhere.

Main Features

  • You can use it two ways for fitness, with or without the handrail folded
  • You can walk at a max speed of 3.7mph or run at a rate of 7.5mph
  • Compact and foldable yet lightweight at 97lb
  • Equipped with a 2.0hp electric DC power motor
  • Weight capacity 220lb
  • Equipped with Bluetooth speaker, remote, and exercise programs
  • Dimensions 61″ (L) x 30″ (W) x 8″ (H)
  • One-year Warranty


  • Wireless connectivity to your phone
  • Tablet holder for ease of use
  • You can program it manually
  • Simple to use with the one-home button


Poor quality control before shipping the product, and it has no incline.

Final Thoughts

Do you want a great training apparatus made for small spaces for your workouts? Then this model is compact enough for your needs. It comes with nifty features and has wheels to make transporting a breeze. There are no bulky buttons, and the speed dial is perfect.

#2 Best 2-in-1 Quiet Treadmill

Goplus Folding Treadmill

quiet treadmill If you need one of the most silent home treadmills, Goplus has a folding design for jogging or placing underneath a table. The powerful 2.25 HP motor runs ultra-silent without disturbing others in the home or office. You can enjoy a relaxing sports environment with the non-slip platform.

Similar to the previous model, it also has wireless connectivity with a remote. For added safety, it comes with a safety key immediate closure in emergencies. You can walk at a speed of up to 4km/h and run up to 12km/h. The frame provides stability to make jogging comfortable.

There is a LED display to show the distance, speed, and calories monitoring your progress with your data at a glance.

Main Features

  • It offers you two modes for keeping fit
  • You can use it for walking or jogging
  • 2.25 horsepower motor with a spring reduction system
  • LED console with phone holder
  • Non-slip running deck with spacious 40″ by 16″ area
  • Includes wireless speakers and remote
  • Free Built-in transport wheels for moving
  • One-year Warranty


  • Easy to assemble
  • Suitable for small spaces
  • Value for money
  • A very silent treadmill


The information to access the wireless function is not in the manual.

Final Thoughts

The Goplus is the best quiet treadmill to help minimize space offering you quality grade design to use it anywhere. You can enjoy music while keeping fit and have your phone nearby in the dedicated holder. For ease of moving, it comes with wheels and has loads of safety measures in place.

#3 Best Exercise Quiet Treadmill

Rhythm Fun Folding Treadmill

quiet treadmillThis treadmill will amaze you as it has something most other fitness apparatuses do not have—a smart speed sensor light. The mini treadmill has a slim folding design to use under the table. What the speed sensor does is make your sports safe.

You will love the fitness platform that is slim and lightweight at 66lb, covering a space of 0.12m³. You will find that you can easily place the treadmill in the living room and fold it when not used to move it with the equipped wheels. The LED panel is clear to read with an innovative remote and programs for your workouts.

The 1.5hp DC motor is powerful and super silent when used in the office or home. So you need not worry about disturbing coworkers or the family in the house.

Main Features

  • Walking and jogging treadmill
  • Equipped with a speed smart sensor light
  • The spring suspension system and has noise reduction
  • Large LED panel with a workout program and remote
  • Weight 66lb
  • Walking speed 3.7mph
  • Running speed 5.5mph
  • One-year warranty on the parts and two years on the motor


  • Modern and stylish design
  • Low profile and made well
  • Good value
  • Very low noise


Minor complaints the platform shifts to the side when used

Final Thoughts

The Rhythm Fun is one of the best-designed quiet treadmills for you to use in the office or the comfort of your home available in the series. The size is perfect for walking while working, and you can store it upright in a corner as well. The max speed is 6 miles per hour, and with the sleek profile, it fits in anywhere with limited space.

#4 Best Quiet Treadmill for Small Places

Goplus Folding Treadmill

quiet treadmill Do you need a silent office treadmill you can use to keep fit while working? Then the Goplus has your name written all over it. With the folding design, you can use it as an under-table walking or standing treadmill to jog in one place.

The 2.25 HP motor works silently without disturbing others, and it has a spring suspension band with a non-slip platform. You can connect your phone wirelessly to listen to music, and it has a remote. You get a safety key for added safety.

Furthermore, you can run up to 12km/h or walk a distance of up to 4km/h. For added stability, it comes with a durable structure to make you comfortable when walking or sprinting. With the LED console, you can keep track of your fitness data as well.

Main Features

  • It offers you two modes for staying fit
  • You can use it for jogging or walking
  • Available in seven different colors
  • 2.25HP motor with a spring suspension system
  • LED function with phone holder
  • Non-slip belt with large 40 inches by 16-inch
  • Furnished with wireless speaker and remote
  • Built-in transport wheels for moving
  • One-year Guarantee


  • Simple assembly with a smooth running surface
  • Made for small places
  • Affordable price
  • Super silent and comfortable on your sole of the feet


Consumers found no information to use Bluetooth in the manual.

Final Thoughts

The Goplus is the best quiet office treadmill for runners allowing you to listen to music while working out. With the phone holder, you have your device on hand, and it comes with wheels for moving.

#5 Best under Table Quiet Treadmill

Rhythm Fun Walking Treadmill

quiet treadmill With this model from Rhythm Fun, you have a large workout band to provide the best comfort level for exercising. The solid design is big enough to walk on when used in the office. The holding capacity is 220lbs and compact without taking up too much space.

Furthermore, it provides you with shock absorption and noise reduction without disturbing others in the office. Compared to the previous models, this one has a 1.5HP motor with a silicon board and a sturdy steel frame.

The LED display is enormous, and it comes with a workout program and remote.

Main Features

  • It has a wide 18-inch running platform
  • Load capacity 220 pounds
  • Space-saving design and lightweight at 78lb
  • Compact and foldable with transport wheels
  • Powered with a 1.5HP motor with a considerable running platform and AIR resistant reduction
  • LED layout with a smart workout app
  • Walking spee3d up to 3.7 miles per hour
  • Running band 47 inches by 18 inches


  • It provides high levels of comfort to the joints
  • It works silently
  • You reach a jogging speed
  • Easy to use remote


Users found it had no inclines.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a person who wants to lose weight or want your pup to lose some energy, this is one of the best quiet home treadmills with a workout application feature. You can use it to walk or run, and it comes with a remote for ease of use. One thing sure you and your pup will both enjoy this compact machine in your home.

How To Quieten a Treadmill

While you might have the best silent treadmill available, you can follow some tips to reduce the noise further. Check out the options available here.

Use a Mat

The leading cause of the noise is the vibration generated when you run on the treadmill. To dampen the vibrations, it helps to use a treadmill mat. You can place it underneath the apparatus, and the thicker the carpet, the better.

Do Regular Belt Lubrication

Dong, this extends the lifespan of the platform and depends on the type of treadmill you have. If you have an electric motor or curved treadmill, the lubrication can differ. For a motorized treadmill, you can use WD40 silicone spray.

You do this by lifting the band, sliding your fingers underneath, and lifting to create a small space to spray the lubricant underneath. You need to do this on both sides. Please switch it on and let the belt run for up to five minutes, and you will notice the decibel of the sounds reduced. For the curved treadmill, the methods vary, and best to check with your user guide on the lubrication procedure.

Heavy Footfall Creates Treadmill Noise

Here you need to fix your running gait and change it up. If you strike the ground with your heel, you can try to switch it up by hitting the floor with the mid-part of the foot. Alternatively, you also need to wear the proper footwear. It is best to use a shoe with ample cushioning that takes the impact of your steps to create less noise.

Check the Bolts and Nuts

Loose parts can cause more noise when walking or running on the treadmill. The best is to make sure that all the bolts and nuts are tightened fast. Check the bearings if worn out and have them replaced.

Final Thoughts

We have reached the end of our best quiet treadmills for you to browse through. We hope the tips mentioned help you to lessen the noise on your fitness equipment at home. If all fails, you may need to find a new location for your treadmill to reduce the sound transfer. Thank you for taking the time to read the article.

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