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Best Quiet Garage Door Opener: That Does Not Disturb the Neighbors

You decided to soundproof your garage with door seals to keep the noise away from the neighbors when working. But what about the door? Every time you open it, there is a huge noise that disturbs everyone around the home, even your children sleeping in the house. Does this sound familiar? Then you can benefit from using an ultra-quiet garage door opener. Think about it, your neighbors value their peace and quiet. With your silent garage door, it can do wonders for all’s sanity, even your family. We have rounded up the best quiet garage door openers for you here.

Review of the Best Quiet Garage Door Openers

Opening your garage door making a racket comes from two parts: the motor and mechanism causing it to move. Do you have a chain-driven (loudest), belt-driven, or a torsion-driven model (quieter?) Then you can understand why it makes a noise. The motor is also a culprit as AC motors generate more sound than those with a DC motor to add to the mix. Choose one of the door openers on the list to help quieten your garage door today.

#1 Best for Tall Doors

Direct Drive 1042V004

quiet garage door openerDo you have a tall door? We recommend investing in the Direct Drive model from Sommer Direct. Not only is it an ultra-quiet garage door opener, but it also offers you no vibrations at all. The rail works well with both seven and eight-foot door heights. You receive a complete installation kit, and it carries a Secure Rolling Code Technology of 310 MHz.

You even receive the safety sensors with a two-by-two-button transmitter to use one on the interior of your wall. There is a wall control panel with a remote, and it only has one moving part. The motor sprocket glides smoothly with a fixed drive and works with a pressure plate instead of fastening bolts.

To add to the fabulous features, you receive a lifetime warranty on your unit to give you peace of mind.


  • Works with an electric power source
  • Two by two button transmitter with one to use with the inside wall station
  • It comes with a rail to fit 7 ft. or 8 ft. door heights
  • Include installation tools
  • Works with a pressure plate
  • HomeLink Compatible
  • Outfitted with 310 MHz Rolling Code Technology


  • Works well on tall garage doors
  • Very quiet
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee


The technical support is small for this product

Final Thoughts

If you require an opener with metal gears, this is not the model to buy as it has plastic ones. It handles an eight-foot door well, and you need not buy extra extensions at all. The instructions are well written, but it is slow at opening the door. The design is good, and you get it at an affordable price considering that the equipment is included.


#2 Best Belt-Drive

Chamberlain B550

quiet garage door openerDo you have a belt-drive garage door? Then the B550 is one of the best quiet garage door openers for you. The product is incredibly resilient with its steel-reinforced drive. The MED Lift Power System has a high-grade structure with a reliable design to ensure it works well with every opening.

The quiet performance will not disturb others, and it comes with smartphone capabilities to manage and monitor the process. You regulate it using it with the myQ software, and it comes with two remote controls that are pretty impressive. There is also a wireless exterior keypad included.


  • Available in a blue color with a dimension of 18″ (L) x 10″ (W) x 6.5″ (H)
  • Item weight 35 pounds
  • Control method using the myQ app
  • Strong belt drive with ultra-quiet performance
  • You get a two by three-button remote with a range up to 1500 feet.
  • Wireless keypad for mounting on the exterior wall using a four-digit security pin


  • Silent movement
  • Works with smart devices
  • Outstanding security features


You need to buy the extension kit separately

Final Thoughts

In honesty, if you are moving from a chain to a belt system, you will want to prepare yourself to redo your setup. However, it works well if you already have the system in place with WiFi functionality. But be prepared to buy an added subscription to use it with your phone.


#3 Best Smart

GenieStealth Drive

quiet garage door openerThe garage door opener powers on even when the electricity is off. The DC motor has a belt-drive system to make opening the door a breeze. With the smart functionality, you can use it with your smart home devices from Google Home to Alexa. You can monitor from the opening to closing of the door anywhere with your phone.

It has a battery reserve to give power as needed and offers you 50 cycles from power failure. Installing it is a breeze and comes with a five-piece rail system snapping together. There is no requirement to buy added hardware, and it comes pre-programmed with a remote ready to use.

A wireless keypad works with pins and has a vacation lock with a light button to use at night.


  • Furnished with a 1 1/4 HPC DC Motor
  • Works with your smartphone and voice activation
  • It comes with a battery backup with 50 cycles when the power goes out
  • You receive a five-piece rail system that snaps together
  • Pre-programmed remotes with a three-button design
  • Multi-function wall console that works with a code


  • The noise level is low
  • Excellent smart features
  • Strong Wi-Fi signal
  • Value for money


Not enough wire included for installing

Final Thoughts

Do you want the best deal on garage door openers? The Genie will provide you with all the bells, whistles, and more. It is ultra-quiet and strong enough to open a heavily insulated door. You get the ease of use, and it has an alarm that sounds on your phone when the door opens and closes.


#4 Best Wall-Mounted

LiftMaster 8500

quiet garage door openerHere we have a jackshaft garage door opener you will love for its design and quiet performance. The elegant design mounts to the wall making it comfortable to use. While it still makes sure of the torsion drive and works well if you already have the bar installed. One thing you will notice is that when it is set up, it works exceptionally well.

There are minimal moving parts generating noise, and most of the weight sits on the door shaft attached to the wall using bolts. To add to security and performance, you will find it glides smoothly, feeling as if it is floating. Furthermore, it has a P3 DC motor for lifting and closing the door easily.

Looking for functionality, you found it as you can use it with the myQ software on your phone to manage everything from opening to shutting the door while sitting in your car.


  • Space-saving and sleek design that mounts on the wall
  • Fully outfitted with myQ security software
  • P3 DC motor
  • It does not work with a roll-up door and needs a front mount torsion bar.


  • Hushed operation
  • Compatible with your smart devices
  • Can use it with battery reserve


You need to buy the battery backup separately

Final Thoughts

The LiftMaster is fantastic merchandise that installs in a couple of hours. It is super quiet with a clean connection saving on the room available. The door closes by itself, and the wireless connectivity is great.


#5 Best With Wi-Fi

Chamberlain B4545T

quiet garage door openerAre you looking for the best quiet garage door opener that works just as well with a wireless connection? You have found it right here! The B4545T comes with a motion-activated camera providing you with a 360-degree image of your garage. You can use it with the myQ software on your phone to watch the live streaming from anywhere.

The cameras are outfitted with night-vision to monitor activities at night and pretty impressive to have these days. Alternatively, you can open and close the door with the two remotes included. There is a wall panel to use as well. Furthermore, it comes with two-way audio communication to have a conversation with someone in the house.


  • Camera with night-vision and motion sensors
  • Two-way audio to have a conversation
  • Works with the myQ phone app
  • The strong belt drive system that is super-quiet
  • Works with 7, 8, and 10 feet garage doors but needs extension accessories to use with the eight and ten-foot door
  • It comes with two remotes, motion detection, wireless keypad, and wall panel


  • Handy protection features
  • Works with smart devices using Wi-Fi connection
  • Super silent when used


No battery reserve

Final Thoughts

For a really silent, great garage door opening, the Chamberlain will offer you this and more. The wireless connection works perfectly and is easy to use. You can manage the door using your phone when leaving or coming home, making it a worthy investment to have.


FAQs Related to the Quiet Garage Door Opener

What Size Garage Door Opener Should I Use?

The openers on the list work with most size configuration garage doors. If you have a tall door of eight feet, make sure you get one with a long enough rail for the height. Do you have a heavy double door? Look for one with added horsepower.

How Must I Program the Garage Door Opener?

You will find a learn button to pair the remote with the wall panel in most cases. Press the button, and it should activate the indicator light. Hold it for 30 seconds up to a minute and press the main open/close button until the overhead light units blink.

How Do I Install My Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener?

The crucial thing is to install it properly for it to be effective and safe. If you are unsure, it helps to hire a professional instead. Always read the included instructions and ensure that all the parts are there with the tools you need to use.

  1. Start by assembling the carriage tube according to the instructions.
  2. Please attach it to the front of your main power unit.
  3. Now mount the header bracket to keep the tube secure to your wall over your door.
  4. Attach the main power unit from the ceiling.
  5. Wire the control opener box and mount it to the wall.
  6. Connect your connector bracket to the door and fasten it to the carriage arm.
  7. Make sure to plug the safety sensor device in to prevent it from closing on anything.

Can I Close the Garage Door Manually

Yes, if it has a manual cable that is disconnected from the opener chain. You may have a small key to unlock the cable if not unlocked. Now pull hard on the cord to release your door and lift it using your hands.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you find a super-quiet garage door opener to solve your noisy problem when opening it. All of the garage door openers reviewed are the best available on the market. Each model offers you a set of features. All that is left is for you to decide which of these features works best for you.

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